Bedroom Sex with Tattooed Stud in POV

julio 15, 2021

Bedroom Sex with Tattooed StudBedroom Sex with Tattooed Stud in POV with Emil Graae and Lovita Fate

Emil Graae is fresh out of the shower!

Your VR boyfriend, Emil Graae, is taking a shower when you suddenly feel the urge to fool around with him. You silently go inside the bathroom while he is taking a shower and take his clothes with you. The tattooed stud enters the bedroom after his shower and finds you on the bed wearing his clothes. With a teasing smile on his face, Emil slowly takes off your pants before giving your wet pussy a sensual massage. He then shows off his big cock, letting you stroke it with both of your hands. The intense sensation of your warm hands jerking off his cock makes Emil hornier.

Without wasting any more time, the tattooed lad bangs you hard in the pussy. He fondles your perky tits while sliding his shaft in and out of your hole. You can feel his big cock stretching out the insides of your coochie as you grind on top of him in the cowgirl position. Emil licks your dripping wet pussy before putting back his cock inside. He relentlessly pounds you in the spoon before going back to missionary. Emil continues to slide his rod in and out of your hole until you cum over and over again. He then pulls out his cock and jerks it off until he cums all over your belly.

Bedroom Sex with Tattooed Stud in POV

Bedroom Sex with Tattooed Stud


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Bedroom Sex with Tattooed Stud

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