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Buy a video and win a FREE Kiiroo Pearl!

enero 03, 2017

Today is a great day!

VirtualRealPorn launch VirtualRealPassion and we are so happy that we are going to give 2 Kiiroo Pearls FOR FREE!

All you have to do is buy a video on our new site: VirtualRealPassion.

If you are one of the first 100 who buy a video you can win one of our two Kiiroo Pearl.

And that’s all, you will receive an email if you are the winner!

Good luck!

Read more for consult legal basis.

kiiroo draw


1. Objective of the raffle
By means of the present raffle (termed onwards “raffle”), wants to give one free Kiiroo Pearl for free.
2. Nature of this promotion
Participating in this raffle is free and in accordance to the conditions shown in the present legal basis. Persons occupationally related to and/or to any related company are excluded from participation.
3. Beginning and ending dates of the Raffle
The raffle starts on October, 3th january of 2017 at 15:00 o’clock and ends at the end of the 100 video purchase. will make public the winners of the raffle in their blog. will request the e-mail address of the winner in order to contact him and explain him the further steps to be done. is not responsible for a wrong e-mail address supplied by any of the winners.
4. How to participate in the raffle:
1st: Be one of the first 100 who buy a video on VirtualRealPassion.
5. Mode in which we chose the winner
Mode of determining the winner of all the participants in each of the raffle, the communication-department of, will give the price to a participant choose randomly by . VirtualRealPorn will publish the name of the winner on the blog. Once finished the raffle, the winner will receive via mail the instructions to receive the Kiiroo Pearl.
6. Responsibility
The participants are personally responsible for injuries or damages of any kind caused to and/or to any other participant or to any third person, due to the breach of any of the points of the present Basis. will accept no responsibility in relation to data supplied by the winners (incorrect e-mail addresses, etc.), as the participants have to guarantee to that their information is exact and true. So, they cannot make any claims if they are not.
The participants are responsible of any damage and/or injury caused to and/or any company related to and/or to any third person which may derive from the inaccuracy of the data supplied., the companies related to it, suppliers, subcontractors, collaborators, agents or distributors are exempt of any responsibility derived from physical damage or damage of any other kind which may occur to the participants and the winners in any kind of action or omission not attributable to and/or any company related to it, its suppliers, contractors, collaborators, agents or distributors, during the celebration of the raffle.
In no case, and/or any company related to it will be responsible, in a declarative but not limited way, of any failure of internet-connection of the mobile phones and/or erroneous numbers of mobile phones during the access of the participants to the Twitter profile of during the sending of responses, communications to the winner as well as any of the communications through electronic media; of any temporary lack of disponibility or functionality of the web pages through which the persons participate in the raffle; and of any fraud or illegal or wrong use of the utility which the participants may have attributed to the raffle.
The participants declare that they have informed third persons whose data they gave of the conditions of the present raffle, including photos, exempting and/or any company related to it of any reclamation done by any third person whose data, including photos, have been given by the participants of the raffle, having the obligation of compensating and/or any company related to it in case of damage, sanction, fine, spending (including the costs of lawyers, proficient or any other professional as well as litigation costs) which and/or any related company or third person may have due to the participation in this Contest.
7. Personal data
The treatment of the personal data of the participants and winners will be done in conformity of the terms and conditions of this Basis. The participation in this raffle implies necessarily the acceptation by the participants of the treatment of their personal data according to what is described in this Basis. The data of the participants will be processed by with the following finality:
– Manage the relation between the participants of the raffle and, including the communication with the participants in order to attend their requests and the notification of the winner on the blog.
• By participating in this raffle the participants and winners consent and authorize the treatment of their data according to the points mentioned before, and they accept the terms and conditions of the present Basis. Those persons whose personal data were given to us may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending a e-mail accompanied by a photocopy of a personal identification document to [email protected] with the subject “Data protection, raffle: #Kiiroo Pearl”.
8. Ownership of this promotion
By participating in the present Contest, participants undertake and guarantee to that they will not use, spread, distribute, publish, export, exploit, reproduce or copy the whole or any parts of the content and the design of the present raffle. The content of the raffle is propriety of and/or of third entities or persons and are protected by the vigent laws of industrial and intellectual propriety. Therefore, the participants cannot use, spread, distribute, publish, export, exploit, reproduce or copy the whole or part of the content of the present raffle (including figurative and denominative mark, captions, phrases, etc.) without the previous written consent of reserves the right of requesting the immediate withdrawal of any link or content related to the present Contest and/or to any other material or communication medium which may have been used, spread, distributed, published, exported, reproduced or copied infringing the present Basis, reserving the right of claiming in concept of damages the corresponding quantities and to perform any legal action in order to achieve this purpose.
9. Contact data
For the resolution of any question in relation of the management of the present Contest and/or the management or elimination of the data requested to the participants, please contact us: E-mail: [email protected]
10. Acceptation of the Basis
By participation in this raffle, the participants and winners accept the conditions exposed in this Basis.

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