Review of VirtualRealPassion by VRPornMania

February 19, 2019

Review of VirtualRealPassion by VRPornMania!

We love it whenever someone reviews us! It gives us an opportunity to be objective about our work and improve ourselves so that our subscribers can enjoy themselves more. In this article, we give you a snapshot of VRPornMania’s review of VirtualRealPassion.

First, a little bit about VRPornMania. They have been around for some time now and are one of the top VR porn review sites around. They review all stuff VR porn including sites, videos, porn games and sex toys.

They also rate and rank all the VR porn sites to give readers a glance of the top VR porn currently online. Their rating system is based on five different parameters, namely – Content, Visual Quality, Variety, Future and Site & Extras. Each of these aspects look to gauge whether the site is ripe for subscription and offers readers a fair and neutral perspective.

Review of VirtualRealPassion by VRPornMania


The content section looks at the catalogue of videos currently on offer, it’s size and the quality of the content. The review appreciates the ‘sensual touch’ in VirtualRealPassion and mentions how it has been missing in recent porn productions, irrespective of whether they are in VR or not. Considering the sex appeal and the acting of the pornstars, in addition to the content and catalogue, VRPornMania rated our content 4/5.

For visual quality, the site appreciated the quality rendered through 5K resolution and 60FPS as well as the wide range of VR headsets that our site supports. In addition, the reviewer found that the overall polish and editing of the videos represented premium visual appeal. For visual quality, we were rated with a 4/5.

When coming to variety, there are two categories we were judged on – variety in niches and pornstars. Thanks to our red-hot roster, we were able to ace the segment with a 5/5 rating. Similarly, we received glowing recommendations in Future and Site and Extras. If you want to read the full review, you can fin it here: VirtualRealPassion.

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