Saint Patty Female POV with Bilbo Shaggings

March 17, 2020

Saint Patty Female POV

Enjoy this day with our Saint Patty Female POV!!

You never thought you could love two people at the same time. You liked those sexting exchanges and casual adventures in Woman POV, but every time you were with him, you couldn’t stop thinking about your boyfriend, Bilbo Shaggings. And vice versa. When Bilbo found out all the truth, his reaction wasn’t exactly what you had expected. Just like trying new kind of sexual experiences in a relationship like BDSM it’s normal, desiring other people too. The problem comes when you don’t talk about it with your partner. In that case, St. Patrick’s would have had more polyamory.

More than angry, Bilbo felt disappointed because you didn’t tell him the truth: you were in love with two people. By the way he started slowly licking your clitoris and doing you a fingering, you understood he was up to try the free and agreed love experiences of VirtualRealPassion.

After feeling his cock inside your vagina while doing missionary and lateral missionary, you both realized there was no problem in inviting someone else to the relation as long as you both want it that way.

If you, just like us, can’t stop feeling butterflies in the stomach for several people, should watch this episode where Amarna Miller talks about it:

Saint Patty Female POV starring by Bilbo Shaggings

Saint Patty Female POV


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Saint Patty Female POV

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